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  • Double Circle Fence: The Perfect Blend of Design and Security
Double Circle Fence: The Perfect Blend of Design and Security

Double Circle Fence: The Perfect Blend of Design and Security

 When it comes to fencing solutions, the double circle fence stands out for its unique design and top-notch quality. Made mainly from low carbon steel wire, this type of fence not only guarantees security but also adds an aesthetic value to the property it surrounds.
Double circle garden fence ,Double Ringed Mesh Fence Panels ,Powder Coated 0Double circle garden fence ,Double Ringed Mesh Fence Panels ,Powder Coated 1

Applications of Double Circle Fence:

  1. Road Protection: These fences are ideal for lining roads, providing a clear boundary and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers alike.
  2. Railways: Around train tracks, it’s crucial to have robust fencing. The double circle fence provides the necessary security.
  3. Airports: For restricted areas within airports, this fence acts as a formidable barrier.
  4. Residential Areas: Homes and communities can benefit from the additional security and beauty these fences offer.
  5. Ports and Docks: With security being a prime concern in these areas, double circle fences offer reliable protection.
  6. Gardens: Apart from security, the fence adds an aesthetic charm to gardens.
  7. Farming & Husbandry: Protect livestock and crops effectively with these fences.

Benefits of Double Circle Fence:

  1. Strength: Made from the best quality steel, it promises durability.
  2. Aesthetics: The design adds a touch of elegance wherever installed.
  3. Easy Installation: No fuss. The fence panels can be quickly set up.
  4. Visibility: Offers a broad view, ensuring there are no hidden spots, enhancing security.


Double Circle Fence Specifications

Specification Details
Packaging As per customer's preference
Delivery Time Within 10 days
Plate Width 2m-2.5m
Height 0.8m-2.5m
Length Not limited
Material Low carbon steel wire, Galvanized wire, etc.
Treatment Process Welded
Appearance High strength, fine steel, beautiful

Detailed Fence Specifications

Net Height (cm) Length (2m) Length (2.5m) Wire Gauge Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (cm) Weight (kg/piece) 2m Weight (kg/piece) 2.5m Fixed Pole Weight (kg/set) 2m Fixed Pole Weight (kg/set) 2.5m
60 2m 2.5m 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 6.5 8.6 1.9 1.9
80 2m 2.5m 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 7.5 9.9 2.3 2.3
100 2m 2.5m 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 8.5 11.2 2.7 2.7
120 2m 2.5m 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 9 11.9 3.1 3.1
150 2m 2.5m 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 11 14.5 3.7 3.7
180 2m 2.5m 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 12.5 16.5 4.3 4.3
200 2m - 10# 8# 3.2-4 5X12 13.5 - 4.7 -

Packaging & Delivery Double Circle Fence :

  • Packaging: Based on customer preference.
  • Delivery: Expected to be dispatched within 10 days.

How They're Attached:

Joining the Double Circle Fence panels and posts is a breeze! They connect using either bolts or rivets. Special steel clamps, steel flat bars, and self-locking nuts are used for added stability. Customization options are also available based on client requests.

In Conclusion:

The double circle fence is not just about protection; it’s about providing that protection stylishly. Whether it’s for a home, an airport, or a garden, this fence promises to deliver both function and form.