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  • Temporary Fence Rentals: Essential Guide
Temporary Fence Rentals: Essential Guide

Temporary Fence Rentals: Essential Guide

  • Product No.:20231115131342
  • Price:15.18$-22.88$ per kits
  • Colour:RAL
  • Hs Code:73144900
  • Finish:Hot dipped Galvanized and Powder coated
  • Mesh Aperture:2
  • Packing:Metal pallets
  • MOQ :200 kits
  • Height:4' 6' 8'
  • Width:9' 10' 9.6'
  • Guarantee:5 Years
  • Certificate:ISO
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What Are Canada Style Temporary Fence Rentals? These are movable fences that are popular in Canada. They're used for security and as construction barriers. Each set includes a panel, foot, and top clamp. They come in five different styles, so you can pick what suits your needs best. These fences are easy to put up and don't require digging or laying foundations.

When welding the Canadian temporary fence, the mesh panel is welded right in the middle of the 25mm or 30mm square tube, which we call a center embedding. The four corners are welded with 360-degree welding to ensure that the overall welding of the fence is strong and reliable

6'X9.5' Portable Canada Temporary Fence Construction Site

Where Can You Use Them?

  1. Construction Sites: They're great for keeping construction sites safe.
  2. Events: Perfect for managing crowds at events or festivals.
  3. Residential Areas: Useful for temporary barriers around homes.
  4. Commercial Spaces: Ideal for creating boundaries in commercial settings.

Benefits of Using These Fences-Temporary Fence Rentals

  1. Quick Installation: Set them up fast without any hassle.
  2. Flexible Use: Move them around as needed.
  3. Secure: Keep your site or event safe and controlled.
  4. Variety of Options: Choose from different sizes and styles.

Specifications Temporary Fence Rentals

Wire Diameter Opening Height x Length Frame & Middle Pipe Feet Color
3.0-5.0mm 50x100mm, 60x120mm, 100x300mm H: 5ft, 6ft, 7ft L: 8ft, 8.5ft, 9ft, 9.5ft, 10ft 30x30x2mm, 25x25x2mm, 20x20x2mm, etc Customizable Dark green, yellow, red, blue, other RAL colors

6'X9.5' Portable Canada Temporary Fence Construction Site

Popular Model Specifications

Dimensions Wire Diameter Opening Frame O.D. Middle Pipe O.D. Block
3000x1800mm 4.0mm 50x100mm 25x25mm 20x20mm 900x80x7mm

Packaging Details Temporary Fence Rentals

  • Panels: Wrapped with plastic film for cleanliness.
  • Clamps: Packed in small carton boxes to avoid damage.
  • Metal Bases: Shipped in bulk or as requested.

6'X9.5' Portable Canada Temporary Fence Construction Site

In summary, our Canada style temporary fence rentals offer an ideal solution for creating secure and flexible barriers in various settings. With their ease of installation, range of options, and secure design, they meet diverse temporary fencing needs effectively for construction sites, events, and more.