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  • Construction Fence Panels for Sale - Secure & Versatile
Construction Fence Panels for Sale - Secure & Versatile

Construction Fence Panels for Sale - Secure & Versatile

  • Product No.:2023111712449
  • Price:15.18$-22.88$ per kits
  • Colour:RAL
  • Hs Code:73144900
  • Finish:Hot dipped Galvanized and Powder coated
  • Mesh Aperture:2
  • Packing:Metal pallets
  • MOQ :200 kits
  • Height:4' 6' 8'
  • Width:9' 10' 9.6'
  • Guarantee:5 Years
  • Certificate:ISO
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Are you looking for a reliable way to secure your construction site? Our welded mesh construction fence panels are the perfect solution. They offer strength, durability, and flexibility, making them ideal for a variety of uses.

What is powder coated temporary fence panels 

Powder coated construction fence panels in Canada are a type of fencing used mainly at construction sites. These panels are made of strong metal and then covered with a powder material. This powder is applied as a dry powder and then heated to form a tough, protective layer on the fence. This coating makes the fence more durable and resistant to weather, scratches, and rust.

The powder coating process gives the fence panels a smooth, attractive finish. It also comes in different colors, allowing the panels to look good while providing security. These fence panels are easy to set up and move around, making them great for temporary use at construction sites, events, or any place where temporary fencing is needed.

In Canada, these powder coated temp fence panels are popular because they last a long time, even in harsh weather, and they keep the building areas safe and secure.

Powder Coated GalvanizedTemporary Fence Panels For Canada

Powder Coated GalvanizedTemporary Fence Panels For Canada

What Are Welded Mesh Construction Fence Panels?

Welded mesh fence panels are made by welding strong steel wires together to form a mesh. This mesh is then attached to a frame, creating a panel. These panels are known for their robustness and are widely used in construction sites to provide security and safety.

Why Choose Welded Mesh Panels?

1. Strong and Durable: These Construction Fence Panels are very strong. They can stand up to tough weather and resist damage, making them last a long time.

2. Easy to Install and Move: Setting up these fence panels is straightforward. You can easily move them around as your construction site changes.

3. Versatile: You can use these panels for more than just construction sites. They are great for events, gardens, and other areas where you need a temporary barrier.

4. Cost-Effective: These Construction Fence Panels give you excellent value. They are a smart investment because they are durable and can be reused.

Quick Specifications

Feature Specification
Material Low carbon steel wire, Galvanized pipes
Surface Treatment Hot-dipped galvanized, Electric galvanized, Powder/PVC coated
Wire Diameter 3.0mm - 5.0mm
Mesh Opening 50x100mm, 60x120mm, 100x300mm
Panel Size (Height x Length) 5', 6', 7' x 8', 8.5', 9', 9.5', 10'
Frame & Middle Pipe 30x30mm, 25x25mm, 20x20mm
Colors Available Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Grey

Benefits of Construction Fence Panels 

  1. Easy Setup and Removal: Install and remove quickly, ideal for temporary setups.
  2. Strong and Long-Lasting: Built with high-quality materials for extended use.
  3. Versatile for Various Uses: Suitable for construction sites, events, and crowd control.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing: Comes in different colors to fit your site's look.
  5. No Ground Damage: Freestanding panels that don't require drilling.

Applications Construction Fence Panels

  • Construction Sites: Secure your work area and keep it safe.
  • Event Management: Manage crowds effectively at public gatherings.
  • Public Safety: Use for short-term barriers in emergency situations.
  • Theft Deterrence: Protect your assets and property with robust fencing.
weld wire canada standard construction fence 6'x10' mesh 3'x12' diameter 9 gauge interpon powder coated RAL5005 2weld wire canada standard construction fence 6'x10' mesh 3'x12' diameter 9 gauge interpon powder coated RAL5005 3

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