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Temporary Fence Gates: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Site

 "Can you build temporary fence gates?" That's what we hear almost every day. Temporary fencing's main job is to secure an area, usually creating a compound. But people still need to get into the site. That's where gates come in.

Gates are important for two reasons. First, they guide people to specific points like security or ticketing. Second, they stop people from making their own entrances, which can leave your site open to uninvited guests.

Even though gates are essential for most people who rent temporary fences, not all suppliers offer them. We do, and in several styles. The right one for you depends on your site and needs. Let's look at the types of temporary fence gates we offer and their best uses.

Types of Temporary Fence Gates:

Single Swing Gate These are the most common type of temporary gate. They swing open from one end.

When to Use a Swing temporary fence Gates:
  • They're easy to use and lock.
  • Great for DIY installation.
  • Good for storage areas, event entry, and construction sites.
  • Best on level ground like a parking lot. We have wheels for rough terrain, but they don't work well on slopes. If the ground slopes, think about a sliding gate.
  • Simple to use, these gates swing open from one end.
  • Height: 38 inches to 8 feet
  • Width: 8 to 10 feet
  • Perfect for storage areas, event access, and construction sites, especially on flat ground.

Temporary Fence Advantages:

Easy to operate and lock.

Great for self-installation.

Optional wheels for rough terrain.

Double Swing Gate These are like single swing gates but have two panels for a bigger opening. We usually make them from our standard 10-foot wide panels, giving up to 20 feet of space.

When to Use a Double Swing Gate:

  • Needed for larger vehicles or equipment.
  • Useful for events and construction sites.
  • Best on flat ground. Needs space to swing open.
  • Like single gates, but with two panels for a wider opening.
  • Built with standard 10’ panels for up to 20 feet wide openings.
  • Ideal for large vehicles, event areas, and construction sites.


Fits larger vehicles and equipment.

Great for event and construction access.

Needs flat, level ground.

When to Use a Sliding Gate:

  • Great when you don’t have space for a swinging gate.
  • Perfect for construction sites in cities.
  • Good for sloped or uneven ground, as long as the fence is level.
  • Opens along the fence line, saving space.
  • Great for vehicle access in crowded urban areas.

Temporary Fence gates Advantages:

Space-saving, no need for swing room.

Perfect for city construction sites.

Works on sloped or uneven ground.

Temporary Fence Double Sliding Gates

These have two sliding panels for an even wider opening.

When to Use a Double Sliding Gate:

  • When you need a big opening but can’t use swing gates.
  • Great for urban construction sites and secure areas.


Wide opening for big vehicles.

Flexible access with independent panels.

Best for tight spaces in cities.

Integrated Temporary Fence Personnel Gates

These are smaller gates for people only. They stand out with their high-visibility design.

When to Use an Integrated Personnel Gate:

  • When you only want people (not vehicles) to get through.
  • If you want the gate to be easy to see.

Semi-Permanent Gate

These gates are more stable than typical temporary gates. They’re built with concrete products and can be swinging or sliding.

When to Use a Semi-Permanent Gate:

  • For long-term projects, especially in windy areas.
  • On high-security sites like airports.
  • They can stand alone, perfect for blocking a driveway.

Extra-Wide Temporary Gates

When you need more than 20 feet of space, we use our semi-permanent gate system.

Extra-Wide Temporary Gates When you need more than 20 feet of space, we use our semi-permanent gate system.

When to Use an Extra-Wide Temporary Gate:

For really big vehicles or equipment.


Keeps access to pedestrians only for better security.

High-visibility for safety.

Selecting the Right Temporary Fence Gates

Choosing the right gate means looking at the size you need, the type of terrain, how much space you have, and stability. It's important to check your site needs and talk to experts to find the best gate.

Conclusion Temporary Fence Gates :

Temporary fence gates offer secure and flexible access for different sites and needs. Understanding each type's benefits helps you choose the right gate for your project, balancing security and easy access. Contact us if you need help deciding on the right temporary fence gate.

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