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  • Roll Top Mesh Fence for Various Applications
Roll Top Mesh Fence for Various Applications

Roll Top Mesh Fence for Various Applications

In today's world, finding a fence that combines safety, visibility, and aesthetic appeal can be challenging. The Roll Top Mesh Fence offers an excellent solution. This unique fence is gaining popularity for its user-friendly features and versatile applications.

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What is a Roll Top Mesh Fence?

The Roll Top Mesh Fence is a type of fencing system characterized by a distinct rolled beam section at its top and bottom. It is crafted from wires welded together, forming a strong mesh. The top and bottom edges are rolled, eliminating sharp or raw edges, making it safe and user-friendly.

Benefits of Roll Top Mesh Fence

  1. Safety First: The rolled edges ensure no sharp parts, making it safe, especially in areas with children.

  2. Enhanced Visibility: Its open mesh design allows for excellent visibility, ideal for public and recreational areas.

  3. Durable: Made with galvanized steel and optional PVC coating, these fences withstand harsh weather conditions.

  4. Versatile Design: Suitable for various settings including parks, schools, and car parks.

  5. Easy Installation: The fence panels can be easily attached to posts using strong screws and U-clip connectors.

Applications of Roll Top Mesh Fence

  • Public Spaces: Great for enclosing parks, playgrounds, and pedestrian zones.

  • Schools and Playgrounds: Ideal for ensuring children's safety while maintaining visibility.

  • Parking Areas: Used in car parks for demarcation and security.

  • Private Property: Suitable for residential areas needing a balance of security and aesthetic appeal.

Key Specifications

  • Materials: Roll Top Mesh Fence Low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, PVC coated wire.

  • Dimensions: Available in sizes like 900mm x 2500mm, 1200mm x 3000mm, etc.

  • Mesh Aperture: Options include 50mm x 200mm, 50mm x 100mm, 75mm x 150mm.

  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized with PVC powder painting or PVC coated for extra protection.


  • Posts: Round tube or square tube posts, available in various diameters.

Fence Height Panel Size 1 (mm x mm) Panel Size 2 (mm x mm) Inter Clips Corner Clips
900mm 900 x 2500 900 x 3000 3 6
1200mm 1200 x 2500 1200 x 3000 4 8
1500mm 1500 x 2500 1500 x 3000 4 8
1800mm 1800 x 2500 1800 x 3000 5 10
2000mm 2000 x 2500 2000 x 3000 6 12
2400mm 2400 x 2500 2400 x 3000 7 14

Installation and Packaging

  • Installation Method: Posts can be fixed into the ground or attached to a steel plate with screws.

  • Packaging: Fences are packed in pallets, and posts are loaded in bulk for easy transportation.

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The Roll Top Mesh Fence is a practical, safe, and aesthetically pleasing solution for various fencing needs. Whether it's for a public park, a school playground, or a private property, this fence system offers durability, visibility, and ease of installation, making it a favored choice in different settings.